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DIY Mouse Head Patch Charm [His & Hers 2 Styles]

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You will receive an iridescent acrylic blank with gold ball chain.

These blank charms are made for Stoney Clover Lane Mickey & Minnie head patches from the Mickey and Friends x SCL collection.


  • You will only receive an acrylic blank with gold ball chain, you will not receive a patch.
    These are made to fit the new Mickey and Friends x SCL collection, they are not made for the old patches that were sold at Fable in Four Seasons Orlando.
  • Laser Pop Shop and these blank acrylic charms are in no way affiliated with Stoney Clover Lane or Disney.
  • Be cautious and don't be too rough with these charms as the patch solely has 3M adhesive for adhesion so wear and tear can happen as charms continuously get knocked around.

Application Tips:

  • Make sure the acrylic is clean and free of dust and residue.
  • Two alignment options: 1.) Remove 3M backing from the patch and start alignment near the top of the head, between the ears. Working towards the ears and then down the face, or 2.) using a flat surface, place both items on their ends with ears (or bow) facing down touching the surface and slowly bring them together, using your fingers to align them from the sides.
  • Take caution when aligning, the patch adhesive is extremely sticky, therefore you run the risk of damaging the acrylic and sticker adhesive if they touch and need to be repositioned.
  • Once attached, do not attempt to remove the patch, you will risk the adhesive getting stuck to the iridescent acrylic coating therefore removing the coating from the acrylic, sticking to the 3M adhesive, and preventing you from from having a sticky surface on the patch.