Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want a different option than what is shown?

Great! We have so much flexibility with what we can make so if you would like a variation of something you see listed, feel free to contact us about a custom item.

What is the turn around time for custom items?

It depends on what the item is and how quickly you are able to respond to any questions that we may have for you. If we have the needed products in stock and it's not a request for bulk (many) items, then there's a good chance we can finalize the design and make the item in just a couple days. If the item needs painted, it will add a day or two due to drying time between coats. If product needs to be special ordered to make your order, it will depend on the vendor where we get the needed products. Some vendors can get us our items within a couple days while others can take a week or two. It's important to let us know your time frame so we can let you know if we think we can meet that deadline.

Can you make items that aren't listed in the shop?

Absolutely! Let us know what you are interested in having made and send us some inspiration pictures. We will work with you and let you know if we can accomodate your request.